Help us build a Greener US! (Greener US) is a Hand-in-Hand mobile marketing and analytics tool that makes it easy to cut physical advertising costs, while increasing your impact to your target audience. Less printing also means less waste. Your Advertising should NOT be Junk Mail! Keep your company's name out of the Trash!

Join us, and we will help you reach your full potential, in a Greener US.

Mobile Marketing

By leveraging (Quick Response)QRCode Technology along with hosted Mobile Content and an integrated URL-Shortening Service, can be a great "Silent Sales Rep" for your business. Printed materials containing our QR Codes and links allow you to provide huge amounts of product information, directly to your users, without any increase in printing costs or use of physical resources.

Paperless, immediately-accessable product information is a key to Ecologically-Sound, Technologically-Savvy Marketing.

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Flexible Analytics offers Real-Time Analytics, providing traffic information sorted by initiative, time of day, geographic location, referral, and device. This information can allow you to re-tailor your advertising initiatives on the spot, maximizing your impact in every market.

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Customized Service is a customer-driven company. We are devoted to providing the solution you need to optimize your company's potential. From creating a custom Social Network experience to managing a customer response platform, if you can dream it, we can do it.

Contact us regarding any needs your company has, static or dynamic, and we can create a custom pricing solution to fit your needs and your budget.

Assess your Current Marketing

The first step to cutting your costs and increasing your returns with is to assess and categorize your current marketing. This is as simple as breaking down your advertising by four simple classifiers:

  1. Target Audience - Who is this material aimed at?
  2. Geographic Reach - Where will this material be distributed?
  3. Media Type - What form of material is this? (eg. flyer, marketing packet, dealer kit, television spot, etc)
  4. Campaign - Which marketing campaign does this material fall under? (eg. Fall Promo, Holiday, B.O.G.O. Deal, etc)

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Your Company's assessment may look quite different, depending on what classifiers you need to track, but breaking down your current marketing strategy into smaller, manageable, optimizable groups is essential to maximizing your sales and minimizing your ad budget.

These groups are what we call "Trackable Segments"

Create Mobile Enhancements

The second step is to choose or create content to provide to mobile users. The content may differ, depending on your business, but the basic goal is to reward customers for visiting your mobile page.

This content can be as simple as linking to your existing mobile-friendly website or media host. However, the possibilities for click creation are endless.

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We can produce mobile-targeted pages for your company, offering such features as:

  • Sales, Incentives, or Exclusive Discount information
  • Active Content, such as savings calculators or feature comparisons
  • Additional product information
  • Conversionary mobile media
  • Customer Contact Form
  • Company Profile
  • Online, direct-to-user sales
Our designers can create custom content to your specifications or find a templated model that matches your needs.

Enhance Your Existing Marketing

Once you have assessed your "Trackable Segments" and created your "Mobile Enhancements", you will want to create a "Tracking Code" for each enhancement you will be using in each segment. By adding these "Tracking Codes" as links or qrcodes, to your existing marketing materials, you will be able to assess the level of "Mobile Penetration" in each of your segments, as well as track the interest your products and services garner in each segment.

The Bottom Line:
By assessing your business for "Mobile Penetration", you can easily determine what segments can benefit best from a move to a more eco-friendly, low-resource Marketing model. In addition, you will be providing your potential customers with better information and dynamic conversionary tools that traditional advertising cannot offer.

Track Your Segments

The Greener Administrative Panel allows you to track clicks by time and date, location, and source of click. All of this information is intuitively presented to make it easy to see trends and potential opportunities in your marketing.

You can swiftly pinpoint your demographic and geographic "hot spots" as well as those areas in which your marketing is not showing return on your investment. Control Panel Control Panel

Optimize Your Impact

Watching the analytics provided through the previous steps will give you a clear idea of market trends, and a clearer view of your customers, as well.

In areas with low market response, you have a choice to make. You can either cut advertising dollars in those areas, or retool your campaigns to better suit those customers' needs.

In areas with high response, you can begin to move to a more digital-centric marketing format, offering more digital enhancements and smaller physical expenditures.

Grow Your Business

To successfully and efficiently grow your business, you must not deplete it of the essential elements that allow it to thrive. You will realize enormous gain from your marketing and advertising when you learn to funnel your communications to those who are listening. When you have established exactly who your customers are and can focus your energy on them, you will experience less waste and more growth. Waste is something that we can no longer afford, even in the smallest degree.

"The world has entered a new era, evolving from an industrial into a knowledge-based society, and into a society that wants to live in harmony with nature. -Minoru Mori